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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 27, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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the outcome could mean for you. >> this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening and it's thursday december 27th and i'm here. and this is news at 7:00 and oakland is concerned when people broke into a housing development. and here's what the video shows and how this could solve other crimes. >> oakland police men are searching for this man and two others who were involved in a break in and they have the best evidence. surveillance video which we obtained exclusively. >> resident are on edge because some men forced their way in.
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this surveillance video shows one men who looked at the camera and prying open the door on december 19th. >> he had a crowbar or something else. they started putting pressure on the door and they shifted it to the left to start opening the mechanism. >> it takes several minutes to open the door but he and two men walk in and enter the elevator. >> you can see it. >> and what's no. 4. >> no. 4 is the top floor of the building and from there they started scoping the area and looking for an opportunity. >> they took nothing, but they could come back. >> who knows if they have guns. they count when the ope not being able to respond because they're understaff. >> the first man have a neck tattoo have been committing crimes for some time and his face was on a flier posted around the neighborhood.
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>> i asked city officials about battling these crimes. >> a lot of people have installed cameras and you've got pay grade photograph of someone you can see who he is and we'll catch that person. >> with limited resources, we can't be around so we ask people to submit the videos. >> if you recognize the people in this video, police say they want you to call them because they may have been involved in other crimes. >> the oakland police department rising street violence. mayor announced a new strategy and they've hired jim to create a road map and he has flashing crime in new york city.-z+s5vmêe city will implement neighboring cities and it's divided into five districts. >> we strengthen our
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relationships with the community and build trust and hold the captains respond for knowing about crime and addressing crime. >> chief joerd an says the strategy from been in position for months and. >> have six classrooms were hit tuesday night or wednesday morning. last night the guard spotted 29 george of valeo on campus. >> he had tools that were consistent with the break ins. he was also determined to be in possession of illegal drugs and he was later arrested. >> it's not clear if he was responsible for the tleft and no word if the classes are be rewired. >> this evening the coroners identified the creek man shot by police this morning. anthony was killed around 3:00 this
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morning when they responded to a 911 call from the apartments. he was armed and say they were forced to shoot him because they feared for their safety. neighbors say they're shocked. >> we're human beings. we have to think first before we act because the consequences is thin. >> friends tell us that he was a mayor dresser at a walnut creek is a lon and meditated in his background. >> they filed a lawsuit for misconduct. he filed suit on behalf of three people who said they were wrongfully arrested at the henry hotel. they said the police officers claimed to have permission to conduct drug searchs but they were caught on video entering rooms. the city has not responded to the complaint in court. a judge sentenced a man to 15 years in prison for attaching
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women. 47 thomas pleaded no contest to molesting three women. police said he he would flash flash his high beams and goep the women. driving arrest are up across the state this year. the highway patrol said between december 21st and the 251,170 people were arrested. and 39 died compared to last year. and in the bay year, 135 people were arrested for dui and there were fatal commissions. and there were 188 arrested and no fatalities. they will start again. a marine man is missing. debra explains a tool is helped to be used to find him.
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>> balloons mark the spot where a man flung himself over the rail and into the water running from police who were testing him for dui. >> i think it was a moments poor decision. >> chief said as the man was swept away officers ran aside the creek shouting at him to grab a latter and he looked exhausted and disappeared. >> the family members were disstraut and they believe if he made it out, he would have contacted him. >> the creek flows to the mountain of the va. an underwater video called a ray and it's attached to a boat and it watches the images on screen. in the sub spots something suspicion, officers can check it out. they're borrowing it which
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bought it with antiterrorism funds. >> you're going to see if in law enforcement where it gives us a fair of eyes in the water. >> the family watched search but declined interviewed. they've left grieving messages on the bridge. police identified the young man as anthony donaldson and hec had a dui history and desperate to avoid another one. he was on the guidance center when he jumped out the video and ran off. they described the 16-year old as african american and he was wearing jeans but they ask you to contact san francisco police
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as this pushes up to the fiscal cliff, tax payers are saying their frustrating. how much a fall over the cliff could cost you. >> for more and more americans, the fiscal cliff is being used as a failure of government. >> i weigh i figure theépñ on vacation, they don't care. >> i don't think that there ever going to come to an agreement. both parties are so far apart, there's no common ground. >> if you make between $50,000 a year, it goes up. if you make 75 to $100, you'll pay $142 per weekly paycheck. most employers will wait and deduct at the current rate but you'll get slammed with higher rates.
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>> if they're supposed to be public servants and we can't get a compromise and some is with the right ideology. >> it seems like you're not being represented. you have interest that are overriding the people's concerns and i think that's an example of what happens in congress. >> the tax policy centers say the lowest income folks will see their take home paycheck shrink by 3.5% and average 4% and top earn ers about 6% but that says nothing of lost deductions or other unknowns such as recession driven pay cuts and decreased economic decrease. americans on unemployed benefits, they get cut off january 1st. tom, ktu channel 2 news americans are buying new homes. the commerce department said the homes are 4% this
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month. that's the strongest rate when a temperature home buyers tax credit boosted sales. with rising sales, available homes have dropped. it's 149,000s are on the market. >> the county fire protection announced meeting times affected by next month's closure of 4 fire stations. the fire chief and board members will be at each meeting to take questions and discuss the affects of the closures. martinez, and clayton will lose a fire stations. we posted it on kiku web site, just click on the hot topics page here for the first time from the injured mother who shielded her young twin. >> i'm proud of them and how far they've come.
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some are calling it the greatest season in football season. >> back here at 7:20 more showers in the bay area forecast and i've got the time line for your showers.
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[spanish] >> she said i through myself so it would hit me and not them. we'll have more on channel 2. >> oakland temple is giving kids a brake from the street today with the lock down. it features men ster, music and fellow ship and allows children from the aimings of 6 to 18 to come to church. last year no one went to sleep and it last until 2:00 and it cost $40 a person. >> jim donated more than $16,000 today to rebuild a play ground burned by an arsonist. it was set on fire which caused $250 worth of damage. today it means they can rebuild the play ground and hope to have it completed. >> berkeley are considering a plan for the high rise in the city in 40ms years.
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they have submitted an application for the plan which calls for a 17 story apartment on herald way near the station. if approved the development will have the way. the project is expected. a north bay football team who faced challenges came roaring back. the part evens triumphed winning the military bull in washington dc. robert found that fans are savering this victory. >> usa, state football fans show up often at the pizza company downtown especially -- but today with the team taking on bulling green in the military bull, it was harder to find a seat. >> we haven't got our bull game sense tuesday. we had a great year. >> they watched the team go from
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1-12 two seasons to the success and saw their head coach take a job with colorado. >> i'm proud of them and how far they've come and they believed in themselves first and they've turned everyone else into believeers. >> there were more believeers as the game went on. >> inside the 10, wow. >> i think it's a sweet and sz of the sport's program and we'll showing good things. >> it came down to the last few minutes butzk. as it has almostl year, san jose state came out the winner. >> it was amazing and nerve wracking. >> i'm thrilled to be an sparten and still going to san jose state. >> san jose state have challenges ahead, a new coach and new conference but now it
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goes forward as vault championships, ktuv. >> a christmas baby born will have an interesting story to tell and that's because it was born in an ambulance. emergencies responders said when the mother went into labor, they pulled the ambulance over and stepped into action delivering a 7-pound baby girl. >> mom and dad were crying. we were excited. >> the father was following behind the ambulance and was able to be with the mother. >> fort retailers recalled nap nanny baby reclineers following reports of five infant deaths. the safety commission is recalling the nap nanny generations, one and two. it has defected in designs, warnings and instructions. the company founder believe it
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doesn't have mayority and the products are safe when used properly. >> the new laws will bring -- you'll be able to text while behind the wheel as long as you use a phone voice activated device. and you have to show you have proof. >> i think that it's helpful if it's less paperwork that you have to keep on you and other people can get your information, so if you can have it on your phone and you can easily access it. that will be fine. >> at law on underage drinks and party buses have to tell them that it's illegal and if there's a person on board, and someone 25 years old older have to be on board. >> the light rail system turns 25 but with low rider ship and high operating cost, there's not a lot of celebration. the mercury compared the authority to other light rail systems and
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found that tax payers subsidized the cost of the trains. the light rail cost a 1/3 more to operate. >> traffic will be rerouted on the way to san francisco bay to protect endangered whales. the administration approved vessel changes for long beach and the santa barbara channel. they high great up the coast and 2010, five whales died in the san francisco area. two cities -- the men's health list for best and worst for men. san jose comes in second with a ratings for health and fitness. san francisco comes in third. and rangings were built on cost of living and commute times. ohio came in 4th and alabama was the worst place for men to live snow borders are flocking to the
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sierras and we're going to show how crowded it is if you're thinking about heading to the mountains. it has been dry but wet weather is on the way and mark will tell you how it's going to affect your weekend. >> if you're with us, take us with us. you can watch it live on your computer or tablet or you can get the app. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> here the sierra slopes and taking advantage of this snows. the snow pack is above average thanks to the storms. skiers have responded tacting the slopes to end joy that fresh powders. and the national weather said that a tore nay í dough í doe did strike and it rolled in at 7:00 in the morning and caused damage to greenhouses at a commercial farm. we have picture taken by the investigator here that collapsed the greenhouse. the tar nay í dough í doe extended for over a mile. bill is here and you're talking a little bit of rain. >> just enough rain toing a new sans but nothing coming our way. and clouds are increasing and the showers head as we head into tomorrow night and saturday
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night. it's kind of an unusual system. normally you go this thing is goingj[=n to blow andt would through tonight but it's doing something like this where it's going to jog this and go down the cost. and it's going to keep it off shore and that means as far as rain we're not going to see much. i'll show you that but with with that system and other systems off shores and generating a high surf system goes out saturday. they're going to come up saturday night until sunday which is very normal for this time of year, but you're off the coast and the weather is going to be nice enough on saturday, that's a hint you could go to the beach. be careful for the larger waves. it's not going to be freezing, but above freezing and we're going to see fog and frost. a lot of valley fog and patchy fogd!fc around here.
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when you wake up, the valleys lie marysville, the valley areas but tomorrow morning, that's when it's at its height. valley fog, fog is worst in the early morning. if you leave at 9:0010:00 clock, and it's better. clouds are increase but this is what i mean. the forecast model takes us through tomorrow morning and here's the system. watch what it does. it doesn't migrate. it goes down the cost. this is 8:00 friday night and showers are still off shore and then keeps going down the coast. and watch this. it's cool. saturday morning early, like 10:00 it looks like we're going to clear out on saturday. that's how it looks. it clears on start and sunday the weekend looks good. friday and saturday night is the best chance for showers and certainly a lot of clouds.
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the forecast highs are 50s. and 55s in san jose. and the 5-day forecast gives that and chances of rain on saturday. >> thank you very much bill. and bob cat is giving a lesson how to return to the wild. they returned a bob cat kitten with birds on her paws with the help, she has healed, but became too friendly with people. sierra wild life have helped her how to fight and his at humans. he'll be released next spring. that's going to do it for us and thanks for trusting us. we're going to see you the news break. it continues with 10:00 news and we're going to have more with the officer involved shooting in creek and we're going to hear about the men who were killed by police and the people who knew him. tmz is up here next and
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we'll see you tonight at 10:00. have a good night. ♪
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